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Gives rights in areas of transparency to individuals when using their personal data. It strengthens rights of individuals to have data held by others to be erased. Companies are accountable for the use of the data and must assess the risks.


  1. What personal data do we hold: Basic customer details which are provided at the time of any orders placed with us such as customer name, address telephone number and email and other information we may require to enable us to fulfil your order. We do not retain any credit card details given to us.


  1. We do not share your personal details with anyone other than the fact that we belong to BNI and members share contacts with other members.


  1. We email our existing customers using a soft opt-in. This assumes that if an individual bought something from us recently, gave us their details and did not opt out of marketing messages they are probably happy to receive marketing from us about similar products or services, even if they haven’t specifically consented but if these emails contain marketing information there is always a clear option to opt out.


  1. We do not send customer information to any other parties for any reason other than in connection with the fulfilment of your order except as mentioned in 2 above.


  1. If you have not ordered for more than a year we tend to ring you and ask if you wish us to keep your design work and information on file. If this is not required your information will be deleted. Should we consider your design work to be a ‘non repeat’ such as an invitation we reserve the right to delete this information after one year has elapsed.


  1. All our client details are retained on our accounts systems which our staff have access to. We are a small company and all our staff have been informed that all customer information is confidential and must not be shared with anyone outside our company.